A license key is provided to all clients who purchase Eos Navigator.  The key includes information that is used by Navigator's License Management (LM) feature to control user access.  New license keys are provided when a subscription is renewed or the maximum license count is changed.

The license key can be deployed when the application is initially installed or independently.  In both cases, the Eos Navigator installer is required.

After launching the installer proceed to the components page and select the Database > Activation information option.

From the Activation page enter the following provided information (preferably using the copy/paste method):

  • Registration name
  • Activation key

And then click the Authenticate button.

Information should appear in the License count section.  Confirm that this information is correct and then continue with the remaining installation steps.

To confirm that the information was properly recorded launch the application and view the contents in the about pane.

Contact support@eosgroup.com if you're missing any information or need assistance deploying the license key.