What is License Management?  License Management (LM) is an Eos Navigator feature that was introduced in v2.4.  It ensures that the number of active users does not exceed the number of licenses purchased.

How does it work?  When a user launches Navigator a license is acquired from the pool of corporate licenses- giving the user full access to the application. The license is relinquished when Navigator is closed.  (The user is notified if no licenses are initially available and the application is not opened.)

How is it set up? A license key is provided to your organization when you initially purchase Eos Navigator. The key includes general client information, maximum license count and expiration date. During the deployment process, the encrypted string is supplied to the installer and, once authenticated, written to the Eos Navigator database.

Does the License Manager require internet access?  No; internet access is neither required for initial setup nor ongoing operation of LM.

What happens if a user does not properly close Navigator? A license is assigned to a user as long as they have an active connection to the Navigator database.  If the user session is terminated for any reason the license is immediately relinquished and thereafter available in the license pool.

What if the Eos Navigator SQL server is restarted? In the event that the database instance is restarted all user sessions are terminated and the license pool is reset.

Will we ever need a new license key?  Yes; a new key is required if you want to change the maximum number of concurrent users or extend the subscription period.  (Contact support@eosgroup.com for additional details.)