Confidential mode gives you the ability to hide sensitive information contained in certain project fields when giving a presentation or producing a deliverable (e.g., exporting a collection or project comparison to Microsoft Excel)  for a client or prospect. For example, you might not want your profit margin, contract amount, client name, or project name to be visible in Cortex when you give a presentation or generate a deliverable.

How do I?

Turn on confidential mode

Click your user icon, and click Confidential mode. The background of your user icon changes to black to indicate that Cortex is in confidential mode. Any project fields flagged as confidential are now hidden in Cortex. When confidential mode is in effect, you cannot do the following in collections:

  • Delete projects
  • Add or remove collection columns
  • Save the collection as a portfolio

Turn off confidential mode

  • Simply click your user icon again, and click Confidential mode again. The background of your user icon changes back to blue.