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√ Cortex Project History 1.x

√ Cortex 365

The Cortex map feature requires that both the web server (that hosts the Cortex web application) and the client workstations (where the browser is running) have internet access so they can communicate with Google Maps. 

Communication with Google Maps occurs via two Google API keys: one for the server-side and one for the client-side.


Application restrictions: IP addresses (web servers, cron jobs, etc.)

Configuration note: The IP address of the web server hosting Eos Cortex will need to be added to the "Accept requests from these server IP addresses" list.

API: Geocoding API {see Google Maps Platform > Web Services > Geocoding API}


Application restrictions: HTTP referrers (web sites)

Configuration note: The published website URL for Eos Cortex will need to be added to the "Web restrictions" list.

API: Maps JavaScript API {see Google Maps Platform > Web Services > Maps JavaScript API}

Cost and billing

See the individual API Key Usage and Billing information for the price per request and cost associated with each key. Google requires a payment method in order to use the API Keys. Consult your Google Account Administrator or Eos consultant for more information.

Closed Systems

Clients who have closed systems where the webserver does not allow any internet traffic will not be able to use the Cortex map feature. 

Disabling the Maps feature

To turn off the map feature, leave the values for the Google API keys in the Microsoft SQL Server > Eos Cortex Configuration table, empty.

Which URLs, Ports, and Protocols, do I need to open/expose for Google Maps?

Contact your Eos consultant for help configuring the map feature.