What is Feature Access Control?  Feature Access Control (FAC) empowers you to exclusively create and manage estimates in Eos Navigator.

What does it do?  With FAC enabled redundant features are removed from Sage Estimating and additional features are available in Eos Navigator.

Why is this important?  Estimate access can be effectively controlled and monitored.

What do I give up in Sage Estimating?  The following features are suppressed:

  • Create estimates
  • Open, duplicate, merge estimates
  • Manage estimates
  • Edit information on the Estimate Information dialog
  • Edit information on the Estimate Notes dialog

While still retaining the equivalent functionality in a highly customizable Eos Navigator integrated experience. 

What do I gain in Eos Navigator?  A streamlined estimate creation & management process.

The following features are enabled:

  • Archive estimates
  • Template estimates
  • Restore deleted estimates
  • Version estimates
  • Lock estimates (and estimate approval workflow)
  • Restrict estimate access 

Additionally, the following basic features become more significant:

  • Activity history
  • Required estimate information fields
  • Restricted lists for estimate information fields
  • Alternate field types for estimate information fields
  • Uneditable estimate information fields
How is it set up?  FAC can be enabled during the Eos Navigator installation or from the Global Settings panel in the application's Administration mode.

Can I turn it off?  Yes; however all dependent features will be disabled.

Is it user-specific?  No; the FAC setting applies to all enterprise users who share a common Sage Estimating estimate catalog.