Cortex tenants that utilize Eos Group managed credentials (where a user authenticates with an credential) may be converted to using the client's corporate-managed Azure Active Directory credentials. The following are the migration steps.

  1. Confirm Microsoft Azure Active Directory is in use within your organization.
  2. Your IT department provides Admin Consent.
    In this step, someone in your IT department (with Admin Consent rights) will need to navigate to the following URL and ‘grant consent’. This allows the Eos Cortex application to read your user profile.
    (Basically confirms you are you and have rights to login to your Eos Cortex tenant.)

    Admin Consent URL:

    Expected URL reply/result...

    Once step 2 is complete, we can proceed with converting your Cortex tenant to the new authentication method.

  3. Lastly, we will ‘freeze’ your Cortex tenant so we can convert the authentication method. During this process, each Cortex user will receive an invitation via email to log in to Cortex. Once they authenticate, their Cortex user account will be converted to the new authentication method.

Article last updated: 05-12-2020