Version 1.3 • March 12, 2020

How do I get my projects into the system?

  • Cortex 365 generates a Microsoft Excel import template that matches your system configuration. A system All fields import template (Excel format) is included. You can create and save your own customized template. The template contains different sheets for entering project fields and cost element information. You can also attach images via the Excel import template or upload them later. Once you download and complete the Excel import template, you import it into Cortex 365 to publish the project.

Can users share licenses?

  • Yes, Cortex 365 licenses are concurrent and not named. This means you can set up as many authorized users as you want with access to the system. However, once all the licenses are in use, another user cannot access the system until a license becomes available. For example, if you own three licenses of Cortex 365 and ten users are authorized, only three users can be logged into the system at a time. When a user logs out, a license frees up for another user to log in.

What coding structures are supported? Can I use my own?

  • Two coding structures are available with Cortex 365:
    1. CSI’s MasterFormat 2018 edition, levels 1 and 2
    2. CSI’s Uniformat (Systems) 2010 edition, levels 1 through 3
  • Yes, you can develop your own coding structures in Cortex 365.

    Note. Cortex Project History supports unlimited coding and cost structures.

What sources can I use for location and time normalization?

  • With a proof-of-purchase, Eos Group includes Gordian’s RSMeans time and location-based normalization tables. These are available annually using RSMeans’ Historical Cost Index (HCI) and City Cost Index (CCI) sources. Eos Group Support will update your Cortex 365 tenant annually (usually around mid to late January) with a proof-of-purchase from Gordian.

What kind of training will I need?

  • Very little training is needed to use Cortex 365. In the initial start-up package, Eos Group provides configuration and training services to get you started. Videos are also available for the most common workflows. Additional training is provided for administrators.

Can I publish from my estimating and project controls systems?

  • Yes, using system-generated Excel import templates, data is entered using manual and/or semi-automated methods. Data can come from any source. Once populated, the Excel import template is uploaded to Cortex 365, which publishes the project.

What are the system requirements? Is the installation difficult?

  • Eos Group hosts all Cortex 365 tenants in a secure Microsoft Azure environment. Your data resides in an isolated database and is accessible only by authorized users. Cortex 365 is compatible with the following internet browsers.
    1. Microsoft Internet Explorer
    2. Microsoft Edge
    3. Google Chrome

Are there reports in Cortex 365?

  • Yes, you can export virtually any view in Cortex 365 to Excel. Exported views include images and Excel grouping functionality so you can expand and collapse them.

How often is my database backed up?

  • Backups are performed nightly (11 pm Mountain Time) and retained for 30 days, weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (2 am Mountain Time) and retained for eight weeks, and monthly on the first day of the month (2 am Mountain Time) and retained for four months. Backups are stored on Azure geo-redundant.

Article last updated: 04-09-2020