Cortex Project History data is stored in two backend data sources. 

1)      Microsoft SQL – contains Cortex Admin application configuration, views, domain data, field catalog (meta data); project headers & attachments; some derived representations.

2)      MongoDB – contains raw project attributes and item data, derived and calculated data and session state data


The two data sources must remain in sync with each other so thus must be backed up and restored (the later if required) together.


MS SQL can be backed up with the traditional MS SQL agent backup routine. To backup up MongoDB, you can append a script (as a part of a step in the MS SQL backup process) to the MS SQL backup process to also backup MongoDB or backup the MongoDB data through other means.


Example MongoDB script: 

C:\MongoDB\Server\3.4\bin\mongodump.exe --archive=[PATH_TO_ARCHIVE]\[ARCHIVE_FILENAME].archive --db EosCortexCLI01 --gzip /u EosCortexCLI01 /p [PASSWORD_SET_AT_INSTALL]


Where “CLI” is the client code.

Reference: The command is “mongodump” and the details are here. (


If you require assistance, please let us know.