Problem: Sometimes when a user disconnects their laptop from multiple monitors, Sage Estimating windows and dialogs get trapped thinking there are still multiple monitors. In these cases, the user cannot find the dialog or window on their desktop even though it is open on the computer. It might show on the taskbar or when they Alt+Tab. It can also be an extended desktop issue.

Solution: To move the dialog and/or windows back into view, there are a few options:

  • Press Alt+Tab to select the lost window, then hold the Windows key and tap the left or the right arrow key to snap the window back onto the screen. On Windows 10, you can right-click the taskbar and click “Cascade Windows” to move every window back onto the desktop.
  •  Snap a Window to one side of your screen or the other using hotkeys. Select the window by clicking the icon on the taskbar or by hitting Alt+Tab until it is selected. Then you need to actually snap the Window to one side of the screen. Hold the Windows key, and then hit the Left or Right Arrow Key. For example, you’d hold Windows+Left Arrow Key to snap the missing window to the left-hand side of your screen. Then just left-click and hold the title bar of the window and drag it wherever you’d like it.
  • First make sure you’ve got the off-screen window selected as the active window. You can do this by pressing Alt+Tab until that window is active or clicking the associated taskbar button. After you’ve got the window active, Shift+Right-Click the taskbar button (because just right-clicking will open the app’s jumplist instead) and choose the “Move” command from the context menu.

At this point, note that your cursor changes to a “Move” cursor. Now, you can use your arrow keys to move the window. You should also just be able to tap any of the arrow keys and then move your mouse slightly to have the window pop back onto the screen.

  • (Windows 10 only) Right-click on the Taskbar and select one of the window arrangement settings, like “Cascade windows” or “Show windows stacked.”

The “Cascade windows” setting, for example, will immediately arrange all open windows in a cascade, moving all windows back onto the main screen in the process.