Export estimate from Estimating Management Console

Estimates can be exported from the Estimating Management Console, then emailed to an Eos consultant. From the Export Estimates window, you can specify the estimate(s) to be exported.

Exporting an estimate or estimates

  1. In the Manage Estimates > Estimate Catalog pane window, right click on the estimate to be exported.
  2. Select Export from the context menu:
  3. In the Export Estimates window, is invoked.
    1. If desired, change the export name and/or ZIP file location in the field: Enter a name and a location for the Exported Estimates file. 
    2. A description can be entered in the field: Enter a description for this export.
    3. If more estimates need to be exported, select the checkbox(es) next to estimate(s) in the Select individual estimates to export or select an entire branch. list.
  4. When all options are selected, click OK.
  5. When the export completes, the Export Successful message will appear.
  6. Click OK from Export Successful.
  7. Email as an attachment, the export estimate ZIP file to the specific Eos consultant or support@eosgroup.com.